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The Remnant Seed Reviews

"The Remnant Seed" is my most treasured book, second only to the Bible. I keep a copy on the table beside my recliner, and I read it continually. I have read "The Remnant Seed" many times, and each time is as fresh as the first. It is a prophetic handbook for my life, because I know it is written to me. God always has a remnant living in the earth, awaiting His every command. A people who are faithful to the end, a people totally consumed by Him. The book is not an individual meditation, but a catalyst from the very heart of God...marching orders for the "corporate man" (the remnant of His seed) to unite as His sons to experience His fullness from glory to glory. Sherry Hewitt, Leland NC

This has to be one of the most awe-inspiring books of our time. A true 21st century prophetic work. The tender, poignant dialogue from the master, addressing his children, his bride... This book will capture your heart, and reveal the magnificent glory of our Lord, and his plans for his chosen remnant. For every thing there is a time and a purpose, and a season....this is the season for "The Remnant Seed". It is truly a book that you will read over, many times.. "The Remnant Seed" speaks to the heart. Debbie Honea, Castle Hayne NC

The first time I read this book, it was after speaking to a friend, and everything we had talked about was confirmed in "The Remnant Seed". This book touched my heart and confirmed the Lord's words to me and it has my full heartfelt recommendation. Its a beautiful, inspirational treasure. Debbie Riser, St Petersburg Florida

A truly annointed, holy-spirit inspired book, when I picked it up I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Chris Griffin, Dahlonega, Georgia

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