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"I come that I should bear witness unto the truth, that everyone of this truth, heareth my voice"___John 18:37

In 1987, I began hearing and writing what I heard the Holy Spirit speaking to me. Eventually he revealed that these words were not just for me, but for his people.

I compiled the words from many notebooks, and in 1991 the manuscript for "Great Shall Be His People" was completed. I did not know at that time, that there would be a second volume, "The Glory of Our Inheritance" to compile, a few years later.

The Lord has not released the publishing of these volumes until now, although at times I have tried to get ahead of his will. I now understand that "The Remnant Seed" was written for "such a time as this", and to have published it any sooner would have been ahead of His will and purpose.

It is not always easy to wait upon the Lord's timing, nor is it easy to understand the "whys" and "What fors" of His ways, they are so much higher than our ways. I have learned to wait upon the Lord, and by doing so He has shown me his faithfulness.

I have chosen to print both volumes in one book under one title. My reason for this is that "Great Shall Be These People" is the wooing of the spirit to a people who will hear. It is the call to enter into a closer walk with the Lord, and it places a deeper desire for Him in our heart. "The Glory of Our Inheritance", leads us beyond that desire into the fullness of our destiny in Him, as the "remnant seed", and the manifested son. "The Remnant Seed" is a progressive word, leading us into our glorious inheritance as sons and joint heirs with Christ.

Author Profile

Debbie West and her husband, Bill live in Hampstead, North Carolina, just north of Wilmington. They have three children, Scott, Jeffrey, and Carrie. Debbie and her husband have been involved in leadership positions within the ministry. A ministry with a vision of this "remnant seed" and an understanding of how this remnant fits into God's master plan of redeeming his creation.

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